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Cat Boarding

Our cozy feline suites are located in a separate private area from the canines, in our front lobby, near our lovely receptionists.

Your furry family feline will enjoy their home away from home in their 10 cubic feet suite equipped with cozy bedding of your choice or bedding we supply for them. Each suite has the capability to connect to other condos diagonally and horizontally so families of multiple cat’s can visit one another during their stay. They also contain convenient, relaxing shelves so your feline can lounge all day, as they do at home. If you wish, your furry family member has their choice of additional personal play time; we will personally interact, play with, or just allow them to roam the feline condo lounge area for an extended length of time (if warranted) in addition to their scheduled three playtimes per day. We encourage you to bring your pet’s toys and strongly recommend bringing in your pet’s own food to reduce the chances of potential problems when feeding a brand new diet in an unfamiliar environment. We also provide a more enclosed private area for felines who just want to enjoy time alone.

*Additional private cat boarding available in the medical area for our senior, shy and medical cat boarders.

Come by for a tour anytime!

Cat Condo Rates

1st Pet


2nd Pet (Same Suite)


Additional Services

🐕 Personal Play Time: Schedule your pet for some personal playtime, we will customize their 20 minutes of time for extra walking, play or cuddles. We have outdoor areas and an indoor playroom to give your pet that extra love and attention. $15.00

🐕 Medications: Our resort staff are trained to administer and record giving pet medications and supplements. Pills, liquid medicines, and insulin shots can all be administered by Ocotillo staff. Guests requiring medications receive attention and administration of medicines by a staff member through any "creative" methods that may be required per your instructions. We charge $2.50 per medication administration. We charge $25.00/per day for diabetic management. We can provide peanut butter pill pockets.

🐕 Frozen Cat Treat: A yummy afternoon treat. $1.50

🐕 Flea & Tick Preventative: $15-$18

🐕 Bath (Towel Dry): Heading home clean and fresh, request a departure bath for your pet. We provide hypoallergenic shampoo and make sure your pet goes home smelling and looking good! $18.00🐕 Pedicure ($17), Brushing ($7), Teeth brushing ($7), Anal Gland Expression ($33), Full Service Grooming (Price based on breed/request). See grooming for more info. **Prices subject to change, please call for current estimate